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More Contests!

For Cosplay Contest info, please click on the Cosplay tab of the menu.

For the tournaments run by Exhibitors at Nococon, please see the Gaming tab.

Art Contests

art contest photo.jpg
art contest illustration2.jpg

Nococon hosts TWO Art Contests!

The Illustration & Photography contests are both free to enter, and each will have an eminently qualified celebrity guest as judge. More prizes may be added, depending on participation.

ALL finalists will have have their work displayed in a gallery near the entrance of the main convention area!

Enter by emailing a jpg of your submission to - BY MAY 11, 2022.

Finalists will be notified by email, and will be asked to send in a physical copy (prints are fine) for inclusion in the gallery at the convention. 

Video Game Tournament

sucker punch.jpg
tetris effect.jfif

Join us both days for the Nococon Video Game Championship Tournament, brought to you by Syracuse Sucker Punch!

Face off head-to-head in an elimination challenge. The game is Tetris Effect. It's free to sign up, open to all, and a perfect game for fans of the classic as well as newer gamers.

Top contenders will win tickets to Nococon 2023, and each day's Champion will take home a coveted VIP pass, as well as other prizes.

Entry into the Tournament is FREE, included with your admission to the convention. Come, test your skills!

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