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Adult Cosplay Contest (Saturday)


*Categories for Adults


  1. Crafting Cosplay – This is for those that have created more than 75% of their cosplay by their own craftsmanship and handiwork.

  2. Non-crafting Cosplay - This is available to anyone who dresses up in cosplay, regardless of how much was commissioned, store bought, or repurposed materials.



All Crafting Cosplayers will have to preregister at the merchandise booth with our cosplay judges. They will take photos of you, with your permission, to use as a basis for selecting the winners of the contests. It is not required for you to bring any documentation about your cosplay build, but it is also not frowned upon if you wish for them to see how you created it.


Non-crafting Cosplayers do not need to register or be prejudged. They just need to be present for the cosplay contest on the main stage.


Group Cosplays can enter either category, but will share any prize they win.


Presentations and skits are encouraged, but will have a strict 60 second time limit on the stage. You must have the skit registered at the merchandise booth at least 2 hours before the contest. We can provide up to 4 microphones. If you have accompanying sound you want played, please have a flash drive that can be plugged in, and have it to the sound manager at the main stage 2 hours before the contest begins.



(Prizes include cash, physical awards, tickets, and other items; a full list will be published prior to the convention)

Crafting Cosplayers only:


Best in Show


Judge's Choice (3 Awards)


ALL Cosplayers:


Most Creative

Best Performance

Best Group

Funniest Cosplayer

Crowd Favorite

Best Prop Made


Kids' Cosplay Contest (Sunday):


No preregistration required. All kids enter just by being present for the cosplay contest on Sunday. All kids will receive a prize for entering the contest.


There are 5 awards presented for the following categories:


Scariest Cosplayer

Cutest Cosplayer

Funniest Cosplayer

Most Original Cosplayer

Best Stage Performer


Judges may choose to add additional prizes depending on number of entrants.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Nococon features one of the biggest and most inclusive cosplay contests in the Northeast. Cosplayers of all kinds are welcome and encouraged, whether they compete in the official contests or not.

Questions: email us at

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