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Nococon 2022 brings so many games to the table! Here are a few:
Quest2 promo.jpg


It's Virtual Reality, with no strings attached. That is to say, it's truly wireless: no cords, no external sensors, no worries.

Demos will be running all day, but to make sure everyone gets a fair amount of time, slots are very limited. If you've always wanted to check out a true VR experience, here's your chance - but be sure to sign up early and do NOT miss your slot. With so many people, it will not be possible to reschedule or join late.


Knights of Thorn will take over an entire hall and fill it with Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer 40k, D&D, and more. Prepare for battle.

_DSC9045b dragonfly.jpg

Dragonfly's Realm, purveyors of old world games, will be hosting a Nine Men's Morris tournament, as well as demonstrating a variety of other addictive classics.


The Kingdom of Goldenvale will be holding LARP (live action role play) demonstrations - including weapons use (waivers required to participate). Test your might!

iq logo.png

RetroGameCon will be on hand, running video game tournaments and offering merch, giveaways, and more! Come say hi!

Infamous Quests is a game dev with retro style titles reminiscent of the Lucasfilm video games, but more fun. See what they're up to this June.

These are just a sample of the gaming going on in Watertown this June. The rest, you'll have to see to believe.
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