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2023 Guests

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The rumors are true: Panda Redd is returning for 2023. A popular video creator known for nerdy comedy and obscure comic facts, Panda was so highly requested by so very many people, it would actually have been a crime to not. Batman said so.

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Forrest Valkai is a science educator who has gained notoriety on Tiktok and Youtube for his positivity, enthusiasm, and ability to demonstrate some of the most complex topics in science in a way that's easy for most everyone to understand, as well as for his D&D charity events.

Dolores from Imperial HR will be spot checking Empire personnel for adherence to protocol. Make sure your kit is in order!

Jen Markham is an incredibly popular video creator, best known for Star Wars themed cosplays, skits, and family scenes with Grogu (Baby Yoda) on Tiktok and YouTube. She is a big fan of the community, and is looking forward to meeting and greeting folks this summer.

Michael (Props to History) is a film and prop historian, cosplayer, youtuber and tiktoker, widely recognized as one of the most detail-oriented makers in the community today. In addition to his wide field of works, he will also be taking on the defending champion in Nococon's signature Maker Challenge.

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Jake (Adventures in Aardia) is a Tiktok sensation, perhaps best known for the long-running series "Roll for Sandwich" - which he will be doing live at the convention - in addition to myriad D&D related doings.

Scott Williams is a voice actor best known for his role in TMNT as scientist Baxter Stockman, though his career spans a number of other well known worlds, including Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Mobile Suit Gundam, and more. His appearance is sponsored by "TMNT Decennium", a fan-tribute production organization working to bring more Turtle Power into the world. See Scott at their booth at Nococon!

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Bill (Willie's Paint N Print) is a Central New York 3D printer, crafter/maker, and Tiktoker whose enthusiasm for showing and teaching about what he does truly sets him apart.  He also happens to be the defending champion in Nococon's signature Maker Challenge, after triumphing in last year's legendary "build a dinosaur" event.

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Matt is a Central New York artist of great renown, a working comic book illustrator, featured at many area events, often as the creator of the official artwork or host of arts-related events. At Nococon, he is both of these. 

Find some of his most recent projects on: The Socials

Cosplay Mutt is a master prop builder and cosplayer whose life-size replica vehicles have won awards and wowed crowds up and down the East Coast. Look for him near his magnificent Steven Universe van, or doing events throughout the convention, such as giving a presentation on how to plan a large scale prop build or possibly hosting a dance party.

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Joe Belcastro made a big splash with his controversial debut novel "Dominature" last year - he's doubled down and will be bringing a brand new book 2 and lots of conversation about storytelling and exploring speculative theology as a writer.

J&J are a ghost hunting team popular on TikTok. They'll be on hand for autographs and to recount the most epic adventures with those curious about the world of the paranormal (don't get too close to the Ghostbusters groups!)

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